Stok Khangri Expeditions

Stok Kangri (elevation 6,137 m (20,135 feet) is the highest mountain in the Stok Range of the Himalayas in the Ladakh region of northwest India. The peak is located in Hemis National Park, 12 km southwest of the trailhead at 3,610 m (11,845 feet) in the village of Stok and 24 km southwest of the Ladakhi capital of Leh. Despite its altitude, Stok Kangri is a popular peak and is often climbed as an initial non-technical foray into high altitude mountaineering.

Trek to Stok Kangri Ladakh

Stok Kangri is one of the most famous and favorite trekking peaks in the Zanskar region, Here in Stok Kangri many climbers/mountaineers/trekkers to Nun KUN prefer to stop for adaptation. Offering a changeable degree of problems, this NUN KUN expedition from Zanskar Kanishka expedition has all conditions of serious and technical climbing with the help of fixed roping, using ice axe in front point climb, climbing with ascender-descender, carabineers, snow stakes or anchors, snow pickets, and other things.

Expedition Details

Summit Programs

  • Day 1
    Delhi - Leh (3500 m): 1 hr flight Take the short flight to Leh, the capital of Ladakh. This is an incredible flight over the greater Himalayas with spectacular views of K2 among others, to one of the world's highest airports. We spend the day in Leh to acclimatise. Take the time to explore the monasteries and markets, or just relax at the hotel. Overnight hotel
  • Day 2
    Leh - Zingchan (3900 m): 5/6hrs We take a one hour drive to Spituk, the closest road access to Stok Kangri. We then start our trek with an easy introductory walk of four hours until we reach Zingchan. Overnight camp.
  • Day 3
    Zingchan - Stok La (4400 m): 6/7 hrs. Trek Zingchan to the base of Stok La, a pass below the mountain. Throughout the trip, we are trekking through the barren lunar landscape of Ladakh. The weather is hot during the day and cold at night. Reach Stok La and have a well earned hot meal and good night's sleep.
  • Day 4
    Stok La - Mankorma (4900 m): 5/6 hrs Trek over the Stok La Pass and camp at Mankorma. The pass offers great views of Stok Kangri and the route to the summit from the base camp.
  • Day 5
    Mankorma - Base Camp (5000 m): 4/5 hrs We make an early start and reach base camp with still most of the day to rest. We have lunch and then take a short climb from base camp to better acclimatise. We climb a further 100 m and then come back down again to get an early night in preparation for tomorrow's summit attempt.
  • Day 6
    Base Camp - Stok Kangri (6150 m) - Base Camp (5000 m): 8 hrs We start climbing in the early hours of the morning to avail of the best weather conditions and a possible sunrise at the summit. First we climb onto a ridge which leads to a large glacier. After crossing the glacier we ascend steeply to the summit. This last leg is the most difficult and takes a lot of physical and mental strength. The panoramic view from the summit is second to none. To the north-west the Karakoram Range, including K2 (8611 m), seems endless. One can also see the Zanskar Range and view Tibet in the distance, an outstanding vista of snow-capped peaks.
  • Day 7
    OPTIONALIf summit not possible .-->Spare Summit Day
  • Day 8
    Base Camp - Stok village - Leh (3500 m): 8 hrs From base camp we descend all the way to Stok village. This is a great walk passing by numerous ruins of old forts and castles. It takes about six hours to reach Stok village where we are met by waiting vehicles. We then drive two hours back to Leh enjoy a meal and some well earned drinks at the hotel.
  • Day 9
    Rest in Leh
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