Most popular treks in Ladakh

We know Ladakh is very beautiful place in India. Ladakh has lakes, mountains, valleys, passes, monasteries and himalyan culture, everything holds a extraordinary touch. You can feel and watch the beauty of Ladakh. To feel and coming close to the nature, nothing can beat trekking. Trekking in Ladakh is adventure sport and at It is best. During your trekking you will come across rare sights seen which you wouldn’t otherwise. A thousand imaginations and fantasies fill your mind as you walk past marvelous sights and think to yourself.

Before you go trekking in Ladakh, you must have knowledge about the most popular treks in Ladakh. You should have knowledge about each of them what they have to offer. By this way, you can choose which treks you want to undertake. Before going any trekking expedition in Ladakh, it’s very important to know about the appropriate time for trekking in Ladakh, which is the best season and other information about Ladakh expedition which makes your trekking tour a successful experience. You must be curious to know what is the most popular treks in Ladakh are.

Zanskar Valley Trek

Ladakh Expeditors says that if you have trekked whole stretch of Leh and Ladakh region you will find yourself closest to nature. The Zanskar Valley trek is in the heart of Ladakh evaluates the fact that legends never lie. Zanskar is the land of moonscapes and menacing paths, appeals the best of expeditors, invites them with fascinating sights and enchanting landscapes. If you are planning an expedition trip to Ladakh, try walking this trail made up of rock and rubbles.

With Large number of mountain ranges, passes, valleys and bumpy terrains, Zanskar has some of the world’s most freighting track, which may take anything between 3 to 20 days to travel. It may be the high passes to the north of Lamayuru or Vale of Kashmir in the west or Lahaul valley in the south, Zanskar has all the elements that persuade the expeditors into the Lost Valley of Ladakh.

Zanskar adore the Himalayan region with the sweeping view of the Trans-Himalayan region. Zanskar is a expeditor’s final destination that bluster of nature’s overwhelming, extracts the best out of a ladakh traveler, and leaves him/her with an glorifying memory of a lifetime.

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